Own a property?

Property owners

Ensure a steady monthly income. 
Trust your property to YESTAY.

Yestay will handle every single detail when renting your property from handling all the necessary paperwork to conducting daily upkeeps and maintenance of your property, so you can enjoy a regular income without a care in the world.

What should I know before listing my property?
  • Your property should ideally be relatively new or renovated.
  • It should be located in the Athens city center, northern or southern suburbs.
  • The property should be a minimum of 45 square meters.
What do I benefit by trusting YESTAY?
  • A guaranteed monthly income.
  • The full and continuous maintenance of your property.  
  • A long and reliable collaboration.
How do I list my property?
  • Fill the form below with the required details.
  • We review your request and a YESTAY member will contact you.
  • We arrange a meeting to discuss further details.