Hospitality expertise and support for a sophisticated stay in Athens. 

About Us

Who we are...

YESTAY is a member of VIAMAR II S.A., a group of companies with over 40 years of experience operating in the automotive, real estate and hospitality industry. YESTAY provides all-inclusive long-term rental solutions to individuals seeking a sophisticated residence in Athens. Our property management team handles every detail of your rental property, for a seamless hospitality experience. 

Our philosophy focuses on creating a flawless residential experience for our customers, as well as a carefree and reliable collaboration with property owners trusting their properties to Yestay. Both ends can rest assured that they will be welcomed with the utmost care and professionalism, for a unique YESTAY experience.  


What makes YESTAY unique
  • The authentic Feeling of Home we share with our guests.
  • Outstanding personal support throughout your stay.
  • Multiple locations in the city center, northern & southern suburbs.
  • Total flexibility in rental duration and personalized solutions.
  • High-end tech concerning booking, pricing & communication.
Guests love yestay for
  • The premium selection of homes in Athens and the suburbs.
  • The ultra-responsive communication during your stay.
  • The ideal home collection for business travelers and families. 
  • The functional and modern decoration of our homes. 
  • The great team of YESTAY, building long lasting relationships.


Owners feel secure because
  • You can rely on us for any matter regarding your property. 
  • Your rent payment is guaranteed every month.
  • We take professional and detailed care of your property rental.
  • We provide constant rental quality checks. 
  • We aim to build relations based on dignity and mutual trust.